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(12/21/14) Sarabande, Suite No. 1 (J.S. Bach):  Performed at 2.5 years, 1979 hours of practice.  This is the piece I played at my 2014 winter recital.  In practicing this piece I have learned quite a bit about tone control and a little more about expressiveness, particularly in the lower registers.  At this point, my newest upper strings and bow hair have about 12 hard months on them, and I am hoping to replace them as soon as possible.  My lower strings are pushing 2 years –  Yikes!



(5/11/14) Minuets I & II, Suite No. 1 (J.S. Bach):  performed at 2 years, 1556 hours of practice.  A work-in-progress update on what will likely take a lifetime to master.



(12/21/13) Noctourne (C. De Beriot): performed at 19 months, 1216 hours of practice.  This was a challenging duet to play owing to all of the double stops involved.  It’s easier now that I have learned more about tonalization of double stops, but rather than rerecording songs ad nauseum , I have chosen to move forward and let this recording stand as a marker to measure my improvement in upcoming videos.



(7/18/13) La Cinqaintaine (G. Marie, Suzuki Book 3):  performed at ~14 months, 843 hours of practice.  Shot in 1 take to simulate a performance environment since I was preparing this piece for a recital.




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