Christmas Recital (1216 Hours)

Happy Holidays everyone!   Thought I’d post my progress here with a recording of the piece I played at a winter recital last weekend.  It’s a duet that I performed with my teacher by Charles de Beriot, a little known composer and violinist who was influential during the Romantic Era.   The piece is very slow and with wide dynamic ranges and is more than 50% double stops with some challenging shifts.  It is not the most difficult piece I am working on, but is is still incredibly challenging with respect to maintaining good tone and good intonation since it is a four part harmony played on two cellos at a largo tempo.  Every aspect of technique is under a microscope in this piece.  I am also working on recording some stuff from Suzuki Book 4 (which I am finishing up!)  that is much more forgiving and less exacting when recording.  However, I wanted to post this first because I feel like it’s a more detailed picture of what I still have to work on.  Namely fuller tone, rhythm, smoother legato bow changes, more supple and springy right thumb,  & of course vibrato!

This is not a recording of the actual performance, but rather a multi-tracked duet performed on  my student cello.  The part with the sweeter tone & velvety vibrato is played by my teacher who used my cello to record a “practice” track to prepare for recital.   Her own cello sounds so much better, but she didn’t have it with her that day so she used mine.  Still… notice how much better she sounds on the same instrument!!   My squirlly and shrill student cello doesn’t diminish her skills one iota.